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"The Void"

I want to speak fluency
Welcome to the room
Company Name
How would you feel?
begin conversations with
You're at the same show
Are you coming up?
What's up (man/dude/bro/their name)
How long has it been?
It's nice to meet you or Pleased to meet you
How's it going? or How are you doing?
How's everything ?, How are things?, or How's life?
Long time no see or It's been a while
Good to see you or Nice to see you

I am currently developing this the series of paintings. I am working on these alongside the animated .gif's. I am literally painting computer generated .gif images rendered using no more than seven colors that I then mix before starting the painting.

The focus here is to move these figures through a shared space. I am creating ideal interior spaces that would lend themselves to a larger scale installation.

Thematically this body reflects the absurdity of what is projected onto the notion of being feminine by the void of femininity. The abstractions and distortions made in several stages to the source material establish visual distance abstracting the intent of the original images giving me space to arrange them. These changes in media, formats, and collaging take a vapid idea of femininity and impose the probing question "Is this feminine?".

chill dog

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