ryan strasser

chili dog


Gregory? On Site?
Fire? Passenger?
Indigenous? Passing?
Arriving? Loaded?
Circle Back? Forgot?
Working Late? Maintenance?
Village? Locals?
Impressive View? Going on Ahead?

This is a series of strangely beautiful dreamy paintings. They reveal a ghostly narrative constructed by dead-cynicism true nonsense and big trucks. I think my late father is a character in the literal imagery. There are other men, a ponchoed zealot of some sort and a man sized earth burro that is probably held together by secretions or jazzed out talisman. How would aliens fit into a world packed standing room only ass to metaphysical ass? In the air! They are in the fucking air!!!!!!

This series of paintings are based on slides that belonged to my late father. My father lived in Texas I saw his house for the first time after he died. Started as a way to reconnect after the fact, the series ended with me randomly pairing paintings to produce a visual explanation of a trip to ___________.

Sometimes shit sucks and leaves you feeling empty and you just have to move on.

chill dog

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