ryan strasser

chili dog

"Atlantis Sucked"

At The Wall
Snow Globe
Scared Ass Daddy Long Legs
Written All Over Your Face
What Concieved
Tryin To Go Over There
Self Sooth
Domacica (Hanging)

What's it like looking in? What's it like being on the spot? What's going on over there? Why am I seeing this happening here? Atlantis Sucked is a series of expressive narratives. The common theme is objects or figures entangled in a scene. The action of these scenes is typically focused on a humorous voyeuristic tale of "What if this was happening?" The takeaway of "Why would that happen?" and "What would it mean?" reveal themes of alienation, inadequacy, approval seeking and social anxiety. The work is loose and immediate to pinpoint the conception of this cryptic duality. The undercurrent of self is exposed while being propped up by what it could be on it's own.

chill dog

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